How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini In Case You Forgot the PIN, Password or Drawing Pattern

In this article, I will give you information how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini. What I mean “unlock” is not to unlock the cell phone provider, but it is to unlock the phone because you’re unable to access the phone menu for the cause such as:

  1. You forgot your phone PIN, password, or lock drawing pattern.
  2. There is something wrong with your phone system that makes your phone malfunction and can’t boot into the menu.

Here’s how to overcome this condition:

If you just forget or don’t know the PIN, Password or lock pattern, then it is very easy to disable forgotten pattern lock on the Galaxy Mini (or any Android phone). What you need is only an active internet connection and your Google (Gmail) account. After you enter several failed lock pattern or pin or password, the phone will ask you to enter your Google Account. What you need is entering the username and password > done.

However, if you forget your Google account username and/or password, and you don’t have an internet connection or your phone software is damage, you can try to factory reset your phone. Factory reset will erase all your data, installed application and of course it will remove pattern lock, pin and password.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Mini from recovery mode:

  1. I suggest your phone battery is at least 60% full.
  2. Turn Off the phone
  3. Press the HOME button (the middle button) and the power button at the same time, hold it for several second, wait until the Samsung logo appears.
  4. You will enter the Samsung Galaxy Mini Recovery mode.
  5. Press the volume button down to until the cursor on the word “Wipe data / Factory reset”
  6. Press the HOME button to confirm
  7. Select Yes (for all user)
  8. Reboot

After that the phone will restart, and Samsung Galaxy Mini will return to its original factory settings. Hope you find this article helpful. Best regards,

NOTE: If your phone is not Samsung Galaxy Mini, you can still unlock the phone by doing a factory reset. What you have to search is how to enter your phone recovery mode or how to factory reset the phone. It is easier to search than you type “how to unlock the phone because I forget the lock pattern” or “I forgot my Android phone drawing pattern, and I don’t know my Gmail account,” etc.

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129 comments on “How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini In Case You Forgot the PIN, Password or Drawing Pattern

  1. wow !! thank you very much !! :)

  2. but my phone doesnt ask me to fill in my Gmail username and password.
    what should i do?

  3. chris galaura on said:

    thank you very much to the maker of this tips, this is very much helpful… i owe my life to you… i am now in complete access with my android phone… long live….

  4. thank you vry much…it was a big help for me..thank you,,and more power!!!!!

  5. yo thnks man nw i am save wwooohhoooo nw nt going to set any password

  6. yohooo! I unlocked the pattern key of my sis! thanks bro! very simple and easy tricks! thumbs up! ^_^

  7. thanks mate… i finally rid out the unlocking problem

  8. Dear Admin,

    More happy users. We also had to confirm ‘Reboot’.
    Many Thanks.
    Jojo and his Dad

  9. srga87 on said:

    i press home button and power button 1 minute and and only what is happening is that the backlight turns on , nothing more

    • Try to Pull out the battery > wait for one minute > put it back > press the HOME button first, then press the power button while still holding the HOME button (the center button) > follow the next step. Regards :)

  10. Harshit on said:

    hi… Could u help me recovering locked memos on my samsung galaxy note? I have forgotten the pin used there… My note is runin fine otherwise

  11. hey iv tried 30 times with the wrong pin and it still hasnt asked for mmy gmail account yet?

  12. heya ive forgotten the password/pin on samsung galaxy mini gts5570 and have entered the pin so many times wrong i was just wondering if there is any possible way to reset it myself in stead of sendind it into the shop ????????

  13. thanks soooooooooooooooo muc u r a life saver !!!!! love you !! ahahahahahahahaahahaha =)

  14. I have entered my pin 30 times wrong and it still wont ask for my google account and PW :/

    • Well, you can do factory reset via recovery mode immediately without have to wait the phone ask your email. Just follow above step. Regards :)

  15. KRYSSALYSSA on said:

    you guys are just given the smuggling and stealing people how to do this kind of stuff which is to be secret to those legal buyer… your being so unfair… there’s a lot of people out their asking this kind of question because that phone is not there own… they thankful to you did a very good stuff to teach…

    • I believe most of phone thief already know this stuff. Even thought they not knowing this or there is no recovery mode in all Android phones, I’m sure they’ll find a way to unlock your phone. Anyway, if someone steal your phone, there’s a big chance they won’t give back the phone to you whether they can use the phone or not. At least if they do above tutorial, it will erase all your data in internal memory.

      Now that I ask you, do you NEVER forget your password? If your answer is yes, then I salute you. But for me and for many others out there, sometimes I forget my password, that’s why I write this tutorial.

      If you worried about your phone, you can install anti theft Android application such as Avast. This app is still active even when you factory reset your phone as in above tutorial (but you must root your phone first). Anyway, thanks for your concern. Regards :)

  16. usman on said:

    thanks alot i was going to sell my phone but…………………………………….!!!!

  17. Amir on said:

    thanks soooooo much i unlock my samasung mini thanks:-)

  18. michelle on said:

    thanks loads it worked

  19. Dobrý den, u galaxy mini (verze android 2.3 – 800 mhz) nemohu “rozsvítit” displej středovým tlačítkem. Rozsvítí se pouze po stisku bočního tlačítka. Nevíte, zda mohu tuto “funkci” aktivovat i pro středové tlačítko? Děkuji Vám moc za radu!

    • admin on said:

      As I remember, to turn on the display, you should press the power button. It maybe possible to turn on screen by pressing HOME (center) button by doing some modification in the phone software, but currently I don’t know how to do it. Regards :)

  20. Gibbo on said:

    Will the factory reset remove all network & voicemail settings, My phone is unlocked from service provider but I am unable to change the voicemail setting to new provider, so thought I would do factory reset.

    • admin on said:

      Are you already try change the voice mail number via Settings > click Call > Click Voice Mail? If you already try that but it’s not working, call your service provider to help you set the voice mail, if they can’t help you, then now you can try to do factory reset. Regards :)

  21. Gibbo on said:

    Tried to change voice mail settings, Contacted service provider (o2) who could not help and tried factory reset but still cannot change. Thanks anyway.

  22. it doesn’t work with my phone, I have tried a lot but it only comes up with a box made of ‘*’ them and “ramdump” and some other words I cannot remember them then it just stays like that for awhile,
    please help.

    • admin on said:

      Is your phone Samsung Galaxy Mini? If yes and you already tried above method with no result, then it means you should flash your phone firmware. The process is not that hard, you just need a computer and a cable data. You can flash firmware using computer application named Odin.

      But if you have a doubt or afraid to damage your phone further more, it’s better if you bring the phone to the service center. If the problem is only a software problem, then it won’t take much time to fix it, if you have to pay, then it’s not much. Regards :)

  23. aries on said:


  24. Alma on said:

    wow ths is grt…thanx a million..god bless u !!

  25. Thank you so much I didn’t know what to do until I found this site .. Thank you

  26. pavels on said:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now MY MUM DIDNT FIND OUT I FORGOT PIN CODE!!!!!!!!!! THX!!!!!! lol

  27. jessica on said:

    tnx! i recovered my galaxy….

  28. Sileshi Mitikie Menigistu on said:

    Really many many thanks for saving golden time!!!!!!!

  29. Yelena on said:

    wow! I got my mobile back to work again. I was in trouble for a few days i can unlock the screen, my mobile was totally useless and it was a hassle for me. thank u so much. God bless u. u saved me from paying 25 euros for unlocking my mobile. God bless u

  30. GEORGE on said:

    thank you so much, your a life saver!!!

  31. Olivia on said:

    OMFG thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much this helped me soooooooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :):):):):):):):):):):)

  32. peter on said:

    man u’re de best cuz my phone was locked for weeks now and couldn’t access it anymore and thanks to for saving me from buying another… i owe u… thanks

  33. gian on said:

    i always failed when i try to follow the procedure. after i follow the procedure is turning of again.

    • admin on said:

      Try this: Turn Off your phone > remove the battery > wait for 5 minutes > put the battery back > press the HOME button FIRST then the power button > follow above instruction. Regards :)

  34. Hiho on said:

    Hi it worked ur amazing’ thx soooo much łøł

  35. romeo on said:

    yes,,,, ur the answer… thank u so much… it was very easy unlock my galaxy mini. i just follow ur instructions. . but i remove first the sim card and memory card so i can save my data… continue helping others, god will bless u,,,

  36. john rick on said:

    t.y very much!
    too lazy forgotten my password!

  37. hey iv tried 30 times with the wrong pin and it still hasnt asked for mmy gmail account yet?

  38. Wow Thanks!

  39. i have tried 30 times fulll battery and wont work

    • Above method is working on Galaxy Mini S5570, not Galaxy mini pop plus (S5570i). So, make sure your phone type first. If your phone is true S5570, then try to press the HOME button first then after that press the power button (while still holding the Home button). Regards :)

  40. Jessica on said:

    awsome thanks saved me $50 bucks the local samsung dealer wanted to charge to reset it

  41. thankyousomuch!it works!

  42. not work for me. the screen says

    • Probably it’s a download mode, not a recovery mode. Try to repeat above step. If it still not working, make sure your phone is Galaxy Mini (S5570) and not Galaxy Mini Plus (S5570i). If your phone is Galaxy Mini Plus (S5570i), then you can’t enter the recovery mode with above method. Regards :)

  43. Halo.. If I unlock my handset & get the factory reset, you said it will erase all datas in internal memory. It mean I lost all of phone number in phone book, text in inbox & unread messages? TIA

    • Yes, that’s right it will erase your contacts and messages. However if you always synchronize your contact with your Google Account, then after you do factory reset, you just have to sync again and all contact will be back on your phone.

      For messages, if you never do backup, it will all gone if you do factory reset. If you still able to enter the phone menu, uit’s better if you always backup your contacts and messages manually. Here’s how to do it:

      For Contacts:
      1. Open Contacts / People application
      2. Press the MENU button
      3. Click Import / Export
      4. Click Export to SD card.

      For messages, you should install “SMS Backup & Restore” application first. With that app you can backup your messages.

      Regards :)

  44. on said:

    I tried that How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Mini from recovery mode:
    But it didn’t work y?

    • Make sure your phone type is Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570) not Galaxy mini pop plus (GT-S5570i) because those method only work on Galaxy Mini, not pop plus.

      However, if you already check that your phone type is Galaxy Mini, try this:
      1. Turn Off your phone
      2. Pull out your battery for 1 minute
      3. Put back the battery then press the HOME Button + Power button at the same time.
      If that doesn’t work, try to press the HOME button then after that the power button (while still keep pressing the HOME button).

      If still don’t work, could you tell me what happen when you press the HOME + Power button?
      Regards :)

  45. Good nut crack mate it dont work .

    • Try to turn off the phone > pull out the battery for 1 minute > put back the battery and do above tutorial.

      If it doesn’t work, try to turn on the phone, wait until it boot (or stuck), then press and holding the Power Button + HOME > the phone will restart, keep pressing those two button together > you will enter the recovery mode. Regards :)

  46. Help! My daughter forgot her password on her Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. I have tried to get this screen on to bring the phone back to factory settings and all I do is just turn it back on. I’ve followed the above steps. I turn the phone off. It’s fully charged. I hold the two buttons until the Samsung comes up and I release and all I do is turn on the phone. Cannot get this screen I’m supposed to get.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Please help! Very frustrated!

  47. Azhar Abbas on said:

    Thnx buddy you solved my problem and as wel money…… Lov u

  48. After i have turned my phone off, and then hold the home and power button, it just turns it back on again! How do i get it to come up with the recovery mode? Please help me my phone is stuck on the lock screen so i can not do the factor reset! HELP ME!

  49. Haumaha on said:

    Mate thankyou sooooo much, i had forgotton pattered on my ph, lost sleep over it, friends told i had to buy a new ph, thank god for you guys or gals. Thankyou so my friend,. Darren

  50. Hey folks,
    Is there a way I can bypass the PIN Screenlock without a hard reset for galaxy y GTS5360 as I really need the data in the phone?

  51. Mindy on said:

    What if I have Samsung Galaxy mini pop plus (GT-S5570i) ? Is it possible to somehow unlock it? I forgot the code and and I just cannot remember what it was. Please help!

  52. Ace Reyes on said:

    Thank you very much for that great article. Very useful. thumbs up.

  53. barayan on said:

    thank you very much for this article.. very useful… godbless…

  54. AdiData on said:

    when push POWER and HOME buttons …
    only show freeze Android Construction Robot … with text = Downloading

    nothing more after ….

    why ?

    • admin on said:

      Make sure your phone type is Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570) not Galaxy Mini Pop Plus (GT-S5570i, with “i” letter behind). If your phone is mini pop plus, try to push Volume Up + Home + Power to enter recovery mode. Regards :)

  55. abbie on said:

    omg thank you soo much this was some amazing advice i lost all my data but it was worth it thank you

  56. on said:


    MY samsung galaxy pop plus is lock because my friend attemp so many time
    wrong pattern, so my cell ask me the user name and passward but I am not rember that. so what to do for unlock the my cell . pls help me


  57. aceyork on said:

    thank you very much ^_^

  58. otis chilumpha on said:

    i have tryed these ways to unlock Samsung galaxy min GT -I8190 but no to avail it is booting to normal screen, admin what can i do to resolve this, i have forgotten my email as well as password pressing home button and turn off button at the same time is not working what can i do please help me i love this phone i buy it $100

  59. so my samsung galaxy s111 mini wont turn on past the samsong screen? any ideas what i can do? my kid got a hold of it and was playing witht it and i didnt notice till it was to late. also before it did this it would except my google email and password kept saying couldnt connect any idea

  60. thanks so much for the article very useful

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