How to overcome Android boot loop, unable to enter menu and forgot Android pin, password or pattern lock

Actually I’ve been discussing this topic that I wrote on the article “How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini In Case You Forgot the PIN, Password or Drawing Pattern”. However, since some people ask me how to do that in their Android phone (which is not Samsung Galaxy Mini), in this article I will give a tutorial how to fix Android boot loop or unbrick the phone (soft brick only). This method also useful when you forgot Android PIN, Password or forgot pattern lock Android. To fix these entire problem is you have to do factory reset through the recovery mode.

Note: Some people ask me “what is boot loop Android?” It is the condition where you can’t enter the phone menu. For example, you turn on the phone > you saw the phone logo and then the phone restart > you saw the logo > then restart over and over again in a loop.

What is Factory Reset Android?

Factory reset Android is a way to return the tablet or Android phone software to like-new condition out of the factory. Factory reset is generally able to solve almost all problems caused by software. Factory reset will erase all data and applications stored in the tablet / phones internal memory, but all the standard application still remains. Factory reset sometimes called hard reset.

Normally, Factory Reset can be done through the Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset. But if you unable to access the phone menu because the phone experiencing Android bootloop or you forgot the Android pattern lock or password, then to do the factory reset, have to go through recovery mode.

What is recovery mode Android?

Recovery mode is an Android feature to recover or fix damaged Android software. In some types of Android phone, user also can upgrade their phone software through the recovery mode. Not all Android phones or tablet have this feature, but sometimes, this can overcome by installing third-party recovery mode, such as ClockwordMod recovery or xRecovery.

Recovery mode will be very useful if you experience any of the following:

  1. When the Android phone unable to enter the menu or stop at the logo (commonly called Android boot loop). This can be caused by several things, such as broken application or the user installing application that is not compatible with the phone (for example, after installing font changer).
  2. If the phone is able to start up normally, but the phone is not responding the user input, for example the screen is not responding.
  3. If the user forgot Android password, PIN or after trying too many wrong Android pattern lock and you forgot your Google account, etc.
  4. Other problems that caused by the software.

To perform a factory reset via recovery mode can be done in two easy steps. But I remind you, Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR) ok ;)

Step #1: Enter the recovery mode

To enter Android recovery mode, you must turn off the phone / tablet first > press and hold some of buttons combination simultaneously (e.g. the Volume Up button + Volume Down button + the Power button) > you will enter the recovery mode. The method or the button that must be pressed can be different between one Android phones to other.

In recovery mode, you can’t touch the screen, it won’t respond. To navigate up and down, usually you can use the volume key (depending on your Android devices).

Update: I just know that in some recovery mode, you can touch the screen to make selection

Here is example picture of Android recovery mode:

forgot android password pin pattern lock

Android Recovery Mode

Step #2: Wipe Data / Factory reset your phone

After you managed to get into recovery mode, what you have to do is only selecting the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” selection then reboot the phone.

Here’s an example to do factory reset through the recovery mode for Samsung Galaxy Young:

  1. Make sure the battery is enough to do the process (at least 70% battery capacity is recommended)
  2. Turn off the phone
  3. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button + HOME buttons simultaneously for a few seconds > you will enter the Android recovery mode
  4. By using the Volume button, point the cursor to “Factory reset / wipe data” selection
  5. Press the HOME button to start the process
  6. Reboot the phone

So, if you experiencing Android boot loop, unable to enter the phone menu or you forgot your pin, password or pattern lock Android, what you need to do is enter the recovery mode and then factory reset / wipe data your phone. Now, the problem is, many people don’t know how to enter the recovery mode.

In this article I will inform you how to enter recovery mode for several types and brand of Android phone. More types coming soon. (Sorted alphabetically based on phone brands)

Note: To enter the recovery mode, the phone condition is must be off first.


How to enter Acer BeTouch E210 recovery mode:

Press the Volume Down + Camera + Power at the same time

How to enter Acer Liquid Metal recovery mode:

The procedure is same as Acer Betouch E210


How to enter CSL Blueberry Mi410 Android recovery mode:

Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button simultaneously > Wait until you see the green Robot, after that press the HOME button

Note: This method might be work to enter recovery mode for Axioo Vigo 410, Cherry Mobile Magnum HD A400, Huawei IDEOS X6, Motorola TRIUMPH, Olive Smart VS300, Spice CSL Mi 410 – Slim, Viewsonic Viewpad 4 and WellcoM A99.

CSL Mi 700 recovery Mode:

Press and hold the Power Button + Vol Up + Vol Down together (thanks to Dina)


How to enter Huawei X3 recovery mode:

Press and hold the Power button + Volume up button

How to enter Huawei X5 Recovery Mode:

Same with the X3, which is press and hold Volume up button + Power button


How to enter recovery mode for Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gio and Samsung Galaxy Ace:

Press and hold the HOME button + Power button simultaneously

How to enter Samsung Galaxy 551 recovery mode:

Press the letter T button + Power button. For navigation, you can use the arrow keys, to confirm selection; you can use the Shift key.

How to enter Samsung Galaxy Pro recovery Mode:

Press the T Button + Power button

How to enter Samsung Galaxy Young (GSM) recovery Mode:

Press and hold Volume Up Button + the HOME buttonPower button simultaneously

How to enter Samsung Galaxy Young (CDMA) recovery Mode:

Turn OFF the phone > press the Power button, when Samsung logo appear, immediately press the Volume Up button. If there is no respon or the phone turn on normaly, start it over.

Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder):

  1. Turn off the device
  2. press the Volume Up + HOME (middle button) + Power button at the same time > wait until you see “Samsung” logo, after that, release all those three buttons start from the power button first.
  3. If you see Android logo > press the MENU button. If it didn’t work, repeat point one.

Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (P1000) / Tab 7 Plus (P6200)

Turn off the Tablet then press Volume UP + Power button simultaneously until the screens on.

I hope this article about how to fix Android phones that can not start, boot loop, soft brick, forgotten passwords, pin or Android pattern lock is useful for you. I know the list is not much. If your phone type or brand not listed above, you can try to search how to get into recovery mode on the Internet or in the Android forums. If you already know, you can inform how to do it through the comment form below. Your information can be useful for others. Best Regards :)

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35 comments on “How to overcome Android boot loop, unable to enter menu and forgot Android pin, password or pattern lock

  1. jessebuntin on said:

    How do i get into recovery mode on a xenti xtab it7720 android 2.1, it has no volume up or down? only HOME MENU BACKSPACE TRACKBALL POWER. PLEASE TELL ME, the device is stuck only looping ANDROID LOGO

    • I don’t know how to enter Xenti Xtab it 7720 recovery mode, but you may try some key combination, such as HOME + Power button, MENU + Power button, HOME + MENU + Power button, etc. Regards :)

  2. Wanida on said:

    Thank you so much…I have problem with my Acer E210 phone. It’s keep looping on Android logo, and I have did what you suggested on factory reset and it works! This article very helpful indeed :-)

  3. christian on said:

    thank you very much for this helpful article…i have successfully formatted my samsung galaxy young….hope that God will bless you….

  4. Bhupander singh on said:

    thanks pal !

  5. Sahil on said:

    Hi. Font changer app jammed up my samsung galaxy ace. I did what u said. But still phone stays at the starting screen displaying my phone name. Any help? Phone isnt starting

    • If that’s the case, you should flash your phone firmware. I believe it’s not that hard to flash Samsung Galaxy Ace firmware, try to find the tutorial in Galaxy Ace forum. Regards :)

  6. vtech on said:

    Great info however how do you press “home” on a tablet that has no hard home key?! I can get into rocevoery but am unable to select wipe data for lack of a home key. Nothing i press so far works.

    • admin on said:

      Do you already try to touch the selection? I just know that in some recovery mode, you can touch the screen to make selection (I updated the article). Regards :)

  7. Julian on said:

    In step 2 I got this messsage:

    E:failed to mount /data (invaled argument)
    E:copy_logs_files_to_data :: can’t mount /dataRebooting

    • admin on said:

      Probably it’s because of internal phone memory failure. Try to flash your phone firmware (reinstalling the phone OS). If after you flash the firmware still facing a problem, then I suggest to bring the phone (or tablet) to the service center. Regards :)

  8. Kenny on said:

    I did what you said but i am stuck at the triangle with the exclamation mark with the triangle. I have the same type of phone you do the MAGNUM HD.. what should i do, please help

  9. Kenny Cruz on said:

    Could you please help me,, the recovery mode came out but the options where not there to choose. the triangle with the exclamation mark were there. I have the same model like your example picture.. please help me

  10. admin on said:

    Try to turn off your device > remove the battery > wait for 5-10 minutes > put the battery back > press the Volume Up + Volume Down first, then after that, press the Power button (without releasing the Volume Button). Regards :)

  11. THANK YOU! Great info. Was experiencing ‘boot loop’ and it was going on non stop for hours!!! Your article on this page saved the day.. Yes, we lost all our data but it’s okay.. at least it works normally now.

    (Just for the benefit of others who may be using the same tablet….. We use the malaysian made CSL Spice MI700. We had to press the power button and vol+ and vol- together to enter Recovery Mode).

  12. the problem is still there…. pls help ASAP…thanks

  13. omg please help me! You see I just bought my CM w100 last week amd after 6days it bootloops! an I just cant believe it! cwm isnt starting up! what should I do?!

    • Ummm.. Sorry, but I don’t recognize the brand of your gadget. However if it just a bootloop, you shouldn’t worry to much, because usually it’s just a software problem. If it has warranty, you can claim it. However if it doesn’t have a warranty, you can try to flash the firmware (OS) by yourself. Now the problem is where you can get the OS. If your gadget is a “China” brand gadget, try to look at the specification, read the processor type, after that search on Google the processor type, hopefully you can find the forum for your gadget. Even though it’s from different brand, but there’s a chance you can still use the OS. This can happen because today many manufacture use different brand but actually the product is same.

      You read on the spec that your gadget using (ex) mtk6573 chipset, now what you have to do is type mtk6573 on Google then search for the forum. After you find the correct forum, read the instruction how to install firmware on your gadget. Good Luck :)

  14. I have gone through all the steps and when i get to the little green guy lying down with the triangle over him nothing else happens whats going wrong?? I have a VIGO 7″android tablet 4.0 ICS Please help

    • I never try Vigo 7″ nor find the forum for the device. However, when you see an Android icon inside the Triangle, try to release any button combination that you pushed before and then after that try to push just one button (I Don’t know which button you should push), but you may try to push any button available. Hope you fix your Tablet soon. Regards :)

  15. Jayne Purea on said:

    Hi there I have 7inch Vigo tablet, i have tried all the key thingys to try and get my tablet into recovery mode but it doesnt have a home button on it so im abit stuck on that one, could you please help me

  16. hi !! my galaxy wonder is bricked. its bootloop, i cant enter any mode because whatever i do (enter recovery or download mode) my phone always restart by itself. can u tell me how to solve this problem?

    • Turn off your phone > remove the battery and wait for 5 minutes > insert the battery then press voldown + homebutton + power > when you see Samsung logo, release the POWER button (but keep pressing Vol Down + HOME button) > Press Vol Up when there is a selection on the screen > flash firmware using Odin. Good Luck :)

  17. alex on said:

    hi my phone Shaprp Aquos sh-c is in boot loop and stuck in logo wont boot wont power off , any one know how to get rid of boot loop ?

  18. zul yusoff on said:

    When i boot my Samsung S3, the screen stuck at the black n white Galaxy S3 and when I tried to boot at recovery mode it shows list of error messages eg: E:failed to mount/cache(No such file/directory, E:failed to mount/data/log/recovery_log… etc. What should I do to resolve this?

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