The Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note – Complete Review

Galaxy Note is one of the Samsung flagship products. It seems they put a lot of efforts promoting it. Is it worth to buy? What are this phone (or tablet) advantages and disadvantages? If you are curious, read our complete review below.


Even thought this gadget is quite expensive (more than 600 USD), but when I buy Samsung Galaxy Note, the sales package is so standard and far away from premium impression. You will (only) get this inside the box:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 + Stylus (S-Pen)
  • In ear stereo headsets
  • Charger
  • Micro USB cable data that also serves as charger cable
  • Quick Manual Guide and Warranty card

Note: The sales package might be different in your area.


First, I will review Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 design. Due its size is larger than most of Android phone but it’s smaller than a tablet, many people call the Note as a phablet, is a combination of Phone and Tablet Word. In my opinion, this gadget is looks like phone rather than tablet.

Note has dimension 146.9 mm length, 83 mm width and 9.7 mm thick. It’s pretty wide thus makes the user unable to perform typing with just one hand.

Below is Samsung Galaxy Note in my palm, you can imagine how wide this gadget is.

review samsung galaxy note gt n7000

Figure 1. Galaxy Note in Hand Palm

The build quality is good, the buttons are comfortable enough to use and it feels solid to hold. The front area is dominated by screen, below the display you can find the MENU Button, the HOME button in the middle and the BACK button. The MENU and BACK button is touch button while the HOME button is mechanical. Samsung GT-N7000 has no d-pad navigation, trackball, trackpad, etc. At the front side, you can also find the 2 MP cameras, light and proximity sensor that located in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the back side you can find the 8 MP cameras with the flash LED and a mono speaker holes. To open the battery, you must remove all of the back cover. At the bottom of Samsung Galaxy Note, there is a micro USB Port and the S-pen holder.

samsung galaxy note disadvantages

Figure 2. Galaxy Note S-Pen (Stylus)

At the top side, there is a 3.5 mm universal audio jack. On the left side of the phone, there is volume button and on the right side, there is only a power button. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 has no dedicated camera button yet HDMI port.

Personally, I think there is nothing special about the design and rather look simple. It’s like Galaxy SII on bigger size.

Can Samsung Galaxy Note Fit in Pocket?

This question is commonly asked by men who are generally put the phone in his pants pockets. For most of women, usually carry the phone on the purse, so it won’t be a trouble at all. Will Samsung Galaxy Note fit in pocket? The answer is yes and no. It will pretty easily fit in the pocket if you use not so tight pants. Actually it even fit in tight jeans if you try hard enough, but I won’t suggest it because it’s uncomfortable and put a lot of stress to the screen.

samsung galaxy note review fit in pocket

Figure 3. Galaxy Note "forced" into tight pocket

I already tried to put Galaxy Note on my suit trousers front pocket. I tried to bring note for all day long in my pocket, overall it still comfortable to bring even thought when I sit. It’s not much different like bringing phone that has a 4 inch screen. I believe this is because the Note is quite thin.

review samsung galaxy note is fit into pocket

Figure 4. Samsung Galaxy Note Fit into pocket

If you doubt whether the Samsung Galaxy Note will fit in your pocket or not, try to put your entire hand palm into the pocket. If you still feel comfortable, then this gadget will fit in your pocket without a problem.


Now I will review Samsung Galaxy Note screen. This phablet use 5.3” screen, 800 x 1280 pixels, with Super AMOLED technology. It is one of the best screens on Android platform nowadays. The images and text on the screen is sharp, detail and the color looks beautiful in high contrast. You can still read a really small text in full zoom out mode.

The outdoor performance is not bad either. The text is clearly visible on direct sunlight. The screen is capacitive type; it’s responsive to your touch. It supports multi touch up to 10 touch points.


In this section I will review Samsung Galaxy Note performance and also its gaming capability. This Android phone use Exynos chipset, 1.4 GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Mali 400-MP GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and 1 GB RAM. Just like the screen, this gadget core is one of the best out there. For the operating system, it uses Android Gingerbread v2.3.6.

When tested using synthetic benchmark applications Quadrant standard, Samsung Galaxy Note get scores 3700. The score is slightly better when compared with Samsung Galaxy SII that gets score around 3500. It is pretty awesome because the Note use bigger screen resolution (800 x1280 pixels) than Galaxy SII (480 x 800 pixels).

Despite having a high score on the benchmark application, but switching between menus on Galaxy Note sometimes a little bit laggy. But don’t worry, this doesn’t interfere with the operation and in fact many users won’t notice it.

What about Samsung Galaxy Note gaming capabilities? We try to install three HD (high definition) games from various genres, which are football game, tower game and car racing game. All of games running perfectly fine and smooth. With a larger screen size than other smart phones, not so heavy, and fast processor, it seems that this phablet is qualified enough as your portable gaming device.

For the record, although the Samsung Galaxy Note has high hardware specification, but it’s not a guarantee that all games are can run well on this device. This is not because the specification is less powerful to run the game, but this is because Android games are usually made specifically for a particular processor or GPU. So the game that can run smoothly on one type of Android phones, not necessarily be going well or run perfect on other android phones.


Samsung Galaxy Note is equipped with two cameras. The main camera located at the rear can produce 8MP (3264×2448 pixels) image resolution with autofocus function and LED flash; while the front camera is a 2MP (1600×1200 pixels) fixed focus. You can find some options on the camera menu, such as:

  • Scene
  • Exposure
  • Timer
  • Effects
  • White Balance
  • ISO
  • Metering
  • Blink Detection
  • Anti Shake
  • Geotagging
  • Face Detection
  • Etc.

The camera quality is not much different with Samsung Galaxy SII. The resulting image has little noise, have good contrast levels and high detail. The camera has LED flash light that come handy to capture a moment in a dark place.

One camera feature that I love is the touch focus. To use this feature you just simply touch the object image shown on the phone screen and the camera will automatically focus on the selected object. Overall I’m quite satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy Note camera. If you have this phablet, there’s a big chance you will leave your compact camera at home.

Now I will review Samsung Galaxy Note Video quality. This Android gadget can record full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) video. When it use to record at 1080p, the field of view is quite narrow. If you record in 720p, the field of view is wider, but not as wide as when taking photos.

Video recorded in MP4 format. 1080p video in one minute consume over than 100 MB memory. When used to record 720p video, it consume more than 80 MB. The sensors always do continuous autofocus at the time you do recording. The result, recorded objects will always look sharp and focused. But, when I try to record object with a distance less than 20 cm, the camera can’t focus properly.

Samsung Galaxy Note video recording quality is good. The recorded objects look sharp, high detail, vivid and it runs smoothly without any lag. There’s a little bit decrease in frame rate when you use it to record a video on a dark place, but it still reasonable.

To ensure the video quality, it is recommended to always use the internal memory as a storage option, unless if you use a high quality SD card.


The loud speaker quality is mediocre. It is loud enough and quite clear, but unfortunately this phablet using mono speaker that positioned on the back of the phone and facing down. So, if you put Galaxy Note on soft surface such as on the bed, sofa, or on rubber, you will hardly hear the ringtone even at the maximum volume.

The in-ear headset that included on sales package performs well. It is comfortable to use and the treble, bass, and vocal sounds good.


The music player on Samsung Galaxy Note is not much different than any other Android music player in general. However, there are some features that I like which not necessarily exist on other standard Android music player. These features are:

  • Music Auto Off: The feature to turn off the music player after a certain time
  • Can play music by folder
  • Music search facilities
  • Option to send files via Bluetooth, Email, supported Social Media Services and other
  • Etc.

There are several Equalizer settings you can choose, such as Auto, Normal, Pop, Rock, Jazz, etc. You can also set the equalizer manually. In addition, there are also effects setting such as Wide, Concert hall, Music clarity, Bass Enhancements, Externalization and 5.1 Channel.

Samsung Galaxy Note video player application is reliable. You can play different types of file formats such as Avi, Mp4, Wmv, 3gp and Mkv. You can run HD video directly on the Note without any problems. To watch movies on Note is hassle free, you just have to transfer the files to the SD card or to internal memory > done.

You can use subtitle to watch the movies. You don’t have to put the subtitle in the same folder with the movie, because you can pick and choose the subtitle to use. If the text is to fast or to slow, there is the synchronization setting.

The combination or Super AMOLED screen, fast processor and high resolution display makes the videos looks clear, rich in color and no lag at all. If you think that 5.3” screen is sufficient enough, then this Android phone is perfect as a portable media player.


In this Samsung Galaxy Note review, it feels incomplete if I did not discuss about the S-Pen or the stylus. It is one of the major factors that differentiate this gadget with others. First of all, the S-Pen does not use batteries and can’t be used on other Android phones or tablets. Because the Note use capacitive screen that is hard and rigid, we can use s-pen very comfortable, because it feels smooth (slippery) to write on its surface.

The S-pen advantage over than your finger is more precise and can be used to do the following things:

  • Drawing: Drawing using the S-Pen is quite pleasant. You can choose to draw like using pen, brush, pencil or highlighter
  • To navigate on menu and on website: S-Pen function has same function as your finger, so it can be use in any menu of Android features. It is quite helpful when you browsing the website and you want to click some small link. By using S-pen the chance you make a wrong click is smaller.
  • Screen capture: There is one special button on the S-Pen. By pressing the button then touch the pen to the screen for two seconds, the phone will automatically do a screen capture or screenshot. After that you can edit the captured image immediately. You can even do a screen capture while playing games or open applications.
  • Write: If you don’t like or bored typing, you can write. Samsung Galaxy Note has a handwriting recognition feature. This feature can transform your handwriting into recognized text that can be used on any text input application such as messaging, emails, documents, etc.
samsung galaxy note s-pen stylus advantages

Figure 5. Samsung Galaxy Note Handwriting Recognition


On this Samsung Galaxy Note review, I use the 16 GB version. When I check on the storage menu, there are three types memory were detected, which is:

  1. SD card: Shows the capacity or external memory (SD card not included in sales package). The Galaxy Note can use SD cards up to 32 GB. The external SD Card function is to store multimedia files (photos, videos, music), documents, etc.
  2. USB Storage: this is internal “SD card”. The remaining capacity detected is 11 GB. It has function to store multimedia files and also Android application or games data.
  3. Storage system: It means the phones internal memory. If you install a game or application, it will use or consume the storage system. The remaining capacity you can use is 1.8 GB.

Samsung GT N7000 storage system capacity is quite large. You can install many applications and games without worry about running out of memory.


The phablet use 2500 mAh Li-Ion battery. The battery capacity is larger than most of Android phones, but we need to remember that the screen is also larger than others. So how does the Samsung Galaxy Note battery life? The performance is fairly standard compared to other Android gadget. Not so good but not bad either.

If you use the phone to make a call more than 40 minutes, browsing the internet more than an hour and using other features such as playing videos, games, chat, etc for and hour, then Galaxy note can last for one full day without charging.  However the battery performance is also depends on the provider signal strenght. Better signal means better battery life.



  • Have S-Pen
  • Superb screen
  • Good cameras and video quality
  • Good performance
  • Quite large system storage


  • No LED notification lights
  • No HDMI port (to connect HDMI cable must use adapter, sold separately)
  • No dedicated camera button


Samsung Galaxy Note Review, conclusion: this gadget is expensive, but if we look at the specification sheet, I think it’s still reasonable. Beside the spec, this Android gadget has one killer factor that others don’t have, which is the S-Pen (stylus).

Maybe some of you skeptic about the S-Pen functionality, but if you already tried, I’m sure you’ll love it. Samsung was not the first manufacture that use stylus on a capacitive screen on Android platform, for example, there is HTC Flyer. And also not the first in phablet genre (there is Dell Streak that use 5” screen). But, we can say Samsung Galaxy Note is a perfect product (for those who need it) without meaningful disadvantage.

If you are in doubt or confused about whether Samsung Galaxy Note is the right product for you or not, try to answer these both question:

  1. Do you think that the S-Pen (stylus) is important to have?
  2. Do you feel the 4” screen is too small but 7” screen is too big?

If both of your answer is NO, then this phablet might not suit you. If your answer is YES even just one of that question, then don’t hesitate to buy this Android gadget.

Note: Click to buy cheap Samsung Galaxy Note

If you have any question or opinion, feel free to fill the comment form below, I will give response. Regards :)

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54 comments on “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note – Complete Review

  1. Nancy on said:

    Imagine that you will just draw something over the screen and your phone will respond to it. Isn’t it a great technology?

  2. ehsan on said:

    can i consider the disadvantage of galaxy note which is heating problem or it is happening with my phone only

  3. ehsan on said:

    pls reply i m worried obout myself if it is with phone and if to every galaxy note then for samsung

    • admin on said:

      In our Galaxy Note, the heat is normal. Try to install Battery Widget, and read the temperature. On idle, our Galaxy Note temperature is approximately 33-35C. On normal use, it still below 40C and it doesn’t fell warm. It gets warm when we use it while charging, for example When we play a game while charging, it can up to 44C.

      The phone also can gets warm if the signal is bad or while searching network. When your Galaxy Note gets warm, look at the signal indicator bar, if it indicates low signal, then it’s normal if your phone fells warmer. (sorry for my english), Regards :)

  4. Fuerst on said:

    To recharge Galaxy Note, do I need to drain the battery completely?

    • Samsung Galaxy Note use Li-Ion battery, you can charge whenever you want. In fact, it is suggested that you recharge the battery before it exhausted. Regards :)

  5. Deni on said:

    Samsung Galaxy Note has a barometer onboard? What’s the use?

    • admin on said:

      Yes it has. The main purpose of Barometer on Samsung Galaxy Note is to make GPS lockons faster, because barometer gives estimates of altitude. Some other function is to predict the atmospheric pressure which usually use to predict a weather, however I’m not sure if it’s that accurate (for weather forecast). Regards :)

  6. mykee on said:

    Uhm, is it normal for a samsung galaxy note to run out of battery in less than 10 hours. if so pls give pointers on how to extend battery life tnx

    • admin on said:

      It’s depend on your phone usage and signal strength. If you use the phone often in 3G connection, then it’s normal if the battery exhausted in 10 hours. This condition apply on all Android phone, not just Galaxy Note.

      To make sure there is nothing wrong with your battery, put your phone in Airplane Mode, then see how long battery drain out. If it run out in 10 hours, then this condition is not normal.

      To save battery, go to Settings > click Power Saving > give a check mark on “System Power Saving”. Regards :)

  7. mykee on said:

    and can I use it while it’s charging?

  8. terie on said:

    why am i so nervous to switch from iphone 4 to Galaxy note!! i love the look of the galazy and all the features however I am ALWAYS on my phone (facebook, texting, talking etc.) and Im afraid the battery life will not be enough. Is this the phone for me???

    • admin on said:

      Really sorry for my late response. Galaxy Note battery capacity is quite big (2500 mAh), but it also has a big screen. If you use the phone mostly to make a call or talking, then you don’t have to worry, the note can perform longer talktime than iPhone 4. It’s because the screen is off when you make a call.

      But if you use the phone to open a Facebook or browsing internet, then iPhone 4 has better battery life. Is this phone for you? in my opinion, it depends on the provider network quality in your area. If in your area the network quality is good, then you’ll be ok using Samsung Galaxy Note, it will last at least for one day full without have to recharge. However, expect to charge the device more frequent than when using iPhone 4. Regards :)

    • after using the note for 3 months i can say its only ever died on me once, and that was after i took it out with only 68% battery spent an hour playing angry birds, 20minutes on the phone, sent/received 50+ texts, about 30min on facebook, 30min internet surfing15min of video, spent an hour on a train constantly passing new cell towers, screen on 100% brightness, wifi on and a total of about 6hours standby.
      normally i can get a full day (8-10) hours with very very heavy usage, turn off gps, sync, wifi, bluetooth and screen to auto/ 50% or less brightness and i can get 2 days with average usage or a day, a night and a morning with high usage if i turn it off for 4-5hours while i sleep.

  9. kirby on said:

    my galaxy note keeps on flashing its screen even when locked(idle) can i stop this because it consumes so much of my battery?

  10. Lakshmana on said:

    When I tried to play .wmv file, gave an error sayind the file type is not supported. is there any application availale to play this kind of videos??
    Please suggest.

  11. got my galaxy note a week ago . The charger adapter is heating a lot. I am quite worried is that normal or unusual. Please reply me. :)

    • admin on said:

      The charger will become warm when charging and its normal. The problem is, I don’t know how hot your charger is. If you can’t touch the charger because it’s too hot, then there is a problem. If you the charger smells charred, then there is a problem. If not, then I Guess is normal. Regards :)

  12. Herwin on said:

    just got my galaxy note a week ago. a bit worry about the heat and battery consume -_-, try to play games for about 20 mins and the battery drain about 9-10 % also i can felt the heat around the camera and around the screen below samsung word, quite worried is that normal of unusual ? currently running on GB 2.3.6 w/o root, please reply, and thanks :)

    • admin on said:

      1. Battery drain 9-10% when you use it to play games for 20 minutes is considered normal, not just for note, but for most of Android devices.

      2. Try to install Battery Widget or Battery Monitor apps to know the battery temperature. When it feels warm, try to read the temperature. If it still around 40 C, then it’s still normal. Regards :)

  13. ruby on said:

    Hi, after a week use galaxy note, i reslize that my note screen is not responsive well to some area of the screean while it is good st other area,. But the ‘ less responsive area’ is respond well eith finger. It just hsving problrm with s pen. what to do?

    • admin on said:

      Try to clean the tip of the S-Pen with soft cloth. Also try to clean the screen. It also possible the angle of S-Pen is not right when you use it on ‘less responsive area’. However if the problem still exist, I suggest you to bring the Galaxy Note to the nearest service center to do inspection. Regards :)

      • yes, i did all but it not resolved. I’ve send my gnote twice to the center. It become well at the shop, but when i went home, the undetected-area-problem happen again . It usually occur after i installed some apps like fbook an twitter. I asked the person incharge what the’ve done to my note to make it better. He said he only format my gnote. And now the problem occur again. I hate to send it to center snymore because it apper well in centrr snd ive to wait for 2 weeks to get my gnote back.. Do u have any idea about this? ?

        • Sorry for my very late response, I’ve been busy lately. Back to your problem, pay attention to your surrounding when using GNote. The less responsive screen might cause by the electric static. So, try not using the phone near the television, computer or near magnetic device such as speaker. If the problem still exist, try to charge your phone in different electric socket. regards :)

  14. acis on said:

    hi there. My gt n7000 external speaker lately stopped working, but its works fine with earphone. This happened on and off since 2 weeks ago. I buy this phone early april2012. What shld i do. Thanks

    • admin on said:

      When the external speaker stop working, try to plug the earphone then pull it off again. If after you remove the earphone, the speaker start working normally, then it might be a problem with your jack audio.

      You can also try to restart the phone in case the external speaker not working. If after restart the speaker is OK, then it might be a problem with your phone software. You can do a factory reset (FS) to fix it (FS process will erase your phone data anyway). Regards :)

  15. Jane on said:

    Hi, my galaxy note front camera is not working and keep coming out with a message saying camera failed. Can a hard reset fix this?

    • admin on said:

      Usually you can fix that problem by doing factory reset. You can do it from Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset. The process will erase all your data, remember to do backup first. Regards :)

      • Hi
        My front camera is not working, I had reset it already but still camera failed. What could be the Problem?

        • What have you done before? Did the phone drop or someting? If your camera is not working after you install some application or maybe after you upgrade the firmware (OS), then there’s a chance that it’s just a software problem. To fix this issue, you can try to reflash the stock firmware.

          However, if you done nothing and suddenly the camera stop working, then it might be a hardware problem. Especially if you already do factory reset with no result. I suggest to bring the Galaxy Note to the service center. Regards :)

  16. He2OoO on said:

    Which Is Better Iphone 4s Or Samsung Galaxy Note ….. ?!!

    • Well, it depends on your need. Both devices have its advantages and disadvantage. The basic question is, what size do you prefer? If need a large display phone, then go for Galaxy note, if you need pocket size phone, then go to iPhone 4s. Regards :)

  17. Dinoe Astan on said:

    I bought my Note on 28 June 2012. I have no problem at all until today when i pulled out the charger, the charger icon still indicates that my Note is still charging. Then the charging sound is keep ringing on and off. I already tried to “Power Off” and “Restart” my Note but the the problem is still there. What should I do now (if possible I dont want to send it for repair)??

    • Try to turn off the Galaxy Note > pull out the battery > wait for 5 minutes > put back the Battery > turn on the Phone. If that doesn’t work and you don’t want to send it to service center, try to Factory Reset Phone. You can do it from Settings > Click Privacy > Click Factory Data Reset. Caution, this process will erase all data on your phone memory, so make sure to do backup first. regards :)

  18. Praveen Singh on said:

    It is a wonderful review …but can you please help me choose between galaxy note & blackberry torch 9810 like the differences between them…can both of them play online flash videos on the websites dailymotion, metacafe, etc. , also can tell me more about note 2….

    • Well.. if you buy a phone mainly to watch flash content based site such as daily motion, youtube, etc, then it’s better to buy Galaxy Note since it has larger (+high resolution) screen and more powerful. About Note 2, I still don’t have sufficient information about that. I’ll write a review if I get more information. Regards :)

      • Praveen Singh on said:

        I do not want to buy a phone just for the flash content …actually many of my friends have blackberry and they want me to have one also for the bbm and all and i have decided that if I am buying then why not buy good one so that’s why I increased my budget and decided to go for the blackberry torch because of it’s touch and qwerty (classic bb) combo. As I was about to make my purchase some wise man asked me ..why not samsung note?? After going through it’s fabulous features I was mad and confused..that’s y I asked pls help me out if u can…pls tl me d advantages and disadvantages of them.

        • Blackberry Torch pros over note:
          - It has Physical keyboard (much more convenient using physical keyboard than virtual keyboard)
          - it has BBM (your friend is using it too right)
          - Better battery performance (based on experience)

          Galaxy Note Pros over torch:
          - Larger and better screen
          - More powerfull hardware (to use it as entertainment, browsing, etc).
          - has S-Pen
          - Better camera and video recording quality

          To make it easier for you to choose, ask this question for yourself: How important to communicate with your friend via BBM. If you frequently communicate or chat with your friend, let say every hour ( or maybe every minute), then I suggest you to buy the BB Torch since it has BBM.

          But if rarely communicate with your friend, maybe just once a day or just sometimes when something happen, etc, then it’s better to buy Galaxy Note. You can still communicate with your friend through some “BBM-like” applications called WhatsApp (but your friend must install WhatsApp too in their BlackBerry).

          If I were you, I buy some cheap BB just so I can use BBM, then I still buy the Note. But I Know it will troublesome for some people to carry two devices at the same times. (not mentioning have to pay two data plan too). Regards :)

  19. Ebrahim Dawn on said:

    Hey ..
    I’m confused between galaxy note, galaxy s2 and micromax A110 ..
    I had checkout MMX. its features , design and performance rating is higher than these 2 phones,dis mmx is same like galaxy note n S2 and even cheaper rate cz as it is an indian company d price is only 10,000.. Bt then sum ppl say its battery life is not so Ok, some ppl say battery backup is good, even on net .. Sum says voice on call is not good, evn on loudspeaker music is not so nice .. I dnt hv d perfect info abt this cell. Please can you find it out n help me fr dis ? Its also bigger than s2 and note .. That’s y confused cz if I can get a large size phone it wud b great .. please help what to do ?

    • Sorry for my late response. Galaxy S2 performance is better than Galaxy Note (I Already tried both phone). It’s because S2 screen resolution is lower than Note. But the Note has better screen, you can still read very little text on the web, while S2 can’t do that.

      For Micromax A110, I never tried this phone, but based on information that I have, it use MediaTek MT6577 processor and the screen size is 480 x 854 pixels, 5.0 inches. Galaxy S2 performance will be superior than this phone, but if we compare with Galaxy Note, it’s still can compete pretty well (even though on benchmark, the Note will be better than Micromax). I can say this because I know some phone that also use Mediatek MT6577 processor from other brand. However, for screen sharpness, the Galaxy S2 will be better (the Note will be much better, and also has slightly bigger screen).

      About the battery performance, I Think it’s depend on the usage. About the voice call, the loudspeaker music and the reliability, I can’t say much since I never tried it.

      The conclusion is, if you need reliable and high performance phone, choose Galaxy S2, if you need superb quality screen + stylus (S-pen); choose Galaxy Note, if you want affordable phone with pretty good performance, you may try MicroMax A110. Regards :)

  20. Chelsea on said:

    Please help me choose between Galaxy note and GALAXY TAB 2 7″ WiFi ?? please reply…I need your help. Regards :)

    • The price different is quite far. Which one is the best for you is depend on your need. if you need telephony and text message feature, then go for Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note also more compact, even though the screen is smaller than Galaxy Tab 2, but the Note resolution is higher. Therefore you can read small text better on Galaxy Note. Beside that, the Note have a S-Pen that might be useful if you love drawing, sketching, etc and also it has much better camera.

      Choose Galaxy Tab 2 if your need is only for browsing internet via wifi, playing games, edit documents on the go and not much need a camera feature. Regards :)

  21. KAPIL on said:


    It was not more than the day I bought galaxy note 2 and it starts heats while surfing on net ,downloading, and while playing games, specially the upper level heats where all the sensors installed even playing games more than 10 minutes back cover starts heats. AT the time of charging again it feels heated.Is this the defect or it is normal to all note 2.Kindly revert.

    • KAPIL on said:

      kindly send the reply in my mail id

      • admin on said:

        Almost all smartphones will generate heat when use on 10 minutes or more. Now the problem is I don’t know how hot is your Note 2. If it’s only warm, then it’s normal, but if its hot until you feel uncomfortable to hold, then it’s not normal.

        The phone will generate more heat if the signal is Bad, so take a look on the signal strength, if the signal is below 60%, then the heat problem is caused by bad signal. To handle that, make sure there is nothing that block the reception antenna (such as thick cover / silicone, etc). Also, don’t use the phone while charging, it will generate a lot of heat and it’s bad for your phone. Regards :)

  22. Mario on said:

    hi , there is a problem when i try to zoom with camera using the volume button up and down , the camera is not zooming , pls help

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