How to Turn OFF and ON Auto Sync and Background data On Android

In this article we will give you a tutorial how to turn off auto sync on Android or Google phone. But before that, we will explain to you about auto sync and background data on Android.

Understanding Background Data Android

If the Android application running in the background but still using internet connection, that is mean the application using background data. For example, when you downloading some files from internet using Internet Browser and you switch to another application (e.g. to music player) while wait for the download to finish, on that state, we can say that internet browser application are using background data connection.

If you turn off the background data; when you switch to another application or you just simply press the HOME button, all internet connection that used by previously application will stop immediately, in this case, the internet browser will stop downloading files.

Understanding Auto Sync Android

Auto Sync is an Android OS feature that allow application to synchronize with Google server or other server automatically. When Auto Sync is ON, it means that the applications “allowed” performing automatic data synchronization. When auto sync is turned OFF, you will not receive information or update data in real time, for example, you will not receive push email notifications, or notifications from social networks, your phonebook will not synchronize with your Google account automatically every time you add a new number or you add a schedule on calendar, you won’t get real time weather report, etc.

If you feel this feature is not very important and you choose to synchronize manually or further more, you don’t want application to connect to the internet when they running on the background, then here’s tutorial to disable auto sync and disable background data android.

  • Press the HOME button and then press the MENU
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Accounts & Sync”
  • To enable automatic synchronization, you just have to give a tick mark on the “Background data” and “Auto Sync” section. If you just want to turn off automatic sync, but still want use background data, you just simply tick the background data only.
  • Under the Background Data and Auto Sync option, you can set the synchronization settings for each account owned (if you have multiple accounts). To do this, select one of the account belongs to you, if you want to enable synchronization, give tick mark on “Sync Contacts”, “Sync Gmail”, and Sync Calendar” or sync “Picasa Web Albums”. So, you can select to sync your data to all of your accounts or for specific account only.

How to Synchronize Android Phone Manually

To synchronize manually you have to go to “Accounts & Sync” > select your account > press the MENU button > select “Sync Now”. To synchronize other applications, you just have to open the application and then find Sync Now / Synchronize Now / Refresh option.

That is tutorial how to turn off auto sync on Android; I hope it can be useful for you. Best Regards, :)

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