How to Make Ringtone Louder on Android Phone

Are you barely hear your Android ringtone? Does your SMS ringtone or notification sound isn’t loud enough so you often too late reading your SMS or email? Do you want to use MP3 as a ringtone but don’t want to use a full song and just want to use only certain parts (e.g. refrain only)? If the answer is YES, then you should keep continue reading this article, because this time I will teach you how to make ringtone volume higher and also edit the ringtone.

To boost ringtone volume on Android, you need to install “Ringtone Maker” made by BIG BANG Inc. from market. This application is useful for editing music files (such as MP3). This application does not edit the default ringtone that came pre-installed on your Android phone or tablet, but it is useful for editing music file that stored on the storage memory or on the SD card. These files can later be used as ringtone, notification sound, and as an alarm sound.

How to Increase ringtone volume on Android phone step by step tutorial:

1. Install “Ringtone Maker” from Android Market.

2. Open the application; it will automatically display all music files that can be used as ringtone.

3. Click on the music files name to listen to the song. To choose the music file you want to edit or make it louder, click on the green double arrow next to the music files name. It will appear pop up menu as below image:


ringtone volume enhancer android application

Figure 1. Click Edit to adjust volume and edit music file

4. Click “Edit”. You can cut the song or use just certain part of the music and you can use that part as a ringtone. For example, you just want to use the “reff” part as a ringtone. To determine the beginning and the end of ringtone, you can click and drag the prefix and suffix marker as shown bellow:


make android volume ringtone higher app

Figure 2. Click and slide to cut the song

5. To edit the volume, press the “Speaker” button at the bottom right side of this volume enhancer application. To boost Android ringtone volume, slide the adjuster to the right (look figure 3. below). If the volume “0” means the volume level is not changed. If you slide the vol adjuster to the left, you will turn down ringtone volume. If you want the ringtone volume is gradually increase at start, click “Fade In” and select how many seconds before the ringtone reach its maximum volume. “Fade out” is the opposite of Fade In, which is the setting to adjust volume gradually turn down at the end of ringtone. When you done, click “OK”.


how to make htc sensation droid x android ringtone volume louder

Figure 3. Fade in, fade out and ringtone volume adjuster

6. To listen to the result, press the Play Button. If you are not satisfied with the results and you want to start from the beginning, press the MENU button and then click “Reset”.

7. If you are finished press the “Save” button (Floppy Disk Figure) > press the “Type”, it will appear following options:

  • Music: Select this if you want to save this file as music files. File will be saved in sdcard / media / audio / music
  • Alarm: If you want to save this file as an “Alarm”. The File will be stored sdcard / media / audio / alarms folder
  • Notification: The music files can be used as a notification tone. For example for SMS ringtone, email notification, etc. The file will be saved in sdcard / media / audio / notifications
  • Ringtone: The file will be saved and can be used as a ringtone for incoming calls. You can find the file in the folder sdcard / media / audio / ringtones

After you determine the type > Click “Save

If you feel that the volume is still not loud enough or vice versa, it’s too loud, then you need to open the Ringtone files that you edited before and then re-adjust the volume.

Warning: Do not adjust the ringtone volume very loud because it may damage your Android speakers. The indication of too loud ringtone is when it played the sound seems cracked.

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