How to Create Folder, Copy Paste File, and How to Move Files Android from / to PC

In this article I will give you a tutorial how to manage files that stored on the Android device. Therefore, I will write about:

  1. Introduction of File Manager application
  2. how to create folder in android
  3. How to move files from one folder to another folder in Android phone or tablet
  4. How to rename file
  5. How to install the phone driver
  6. how to transfer file from PC to android and vice versa

By understanding how to use file manager application, I hope you can organize files that stored on your Android phone or tablet better.

Introduction of File Manager application

What is file manager on Android? File manager is an application that allows you to organize or manage the files or data stored on Android device. More specific, this application is useful for:

  1. To view files that stored in Android phone or tablet
  2. Create a new folder
  3. Delete, Copy and Move files from one location (folder) to another folder
  4. Rename file, extract file, change file extension
  5. etc.

File manager application is already installed from beginning on some of Android phone or tablet. However, this app is unavailable on some type of Android devices. But don’t worry; if your Android phone doesn’t have it, you can install file manager application from Android Market. The choices are very much with their own advantage and disadvantage.

Below is a screenshot of file manager application called “Dual File Manager XT”.

how to use file manager on android

Figure 1. Dual File Manager XT

Look at the red circled text above, it’s written “mnt/sdcard”. This means, the file manager application is currently displaying the files that stored on SD card. As a comparison, below image is the screenshot when I open the SD card using Windows Computer:

how to transfer file from android to pc

Figure 2. SD Card content viewed in PC

To navigate when using a file manage application, you can simply click the folder to enter it, and press the BACK button to return to the previous folder.

2. How to Create Folder in Android

A few days ago, someone asked me how to create folder in Android, for example, how to make folder in Gallery application. This may be done by using the File Manager application. To make folders, the procedure might be slightly different depending on the used application. However, in many case, what the user have to do is open the file manage > click MENU button > click Create / New folder > give a name > Click OK or Done.

Here is an example how to create folder on Android using Dual File Manager XT:

  1. Open the Application
  2. Determine where you want to create the folder. Whether in the root directory of the SD card or inside another folder.
  3. Press the MENU button
  4. click Create
  5. click Folder
  6. Type the folder Name, for example I will type in “foto ku” (it means “my photos” in Indonesian)
  7. Click OK

Note: root directory or root folder is the top-most directory in a hierarchy or in other words, it’s not inside any folder.

how to make folder on android

Figure 3. How to Create Folder in Android

Example to create folder in Android using Astro File Manager:

  1. Open the application
  2. Specify location where you want to create the folder
  3. Press the MENU button
  4. Click NEW
  5. Enter the desired folder name

3. How to Copy Paste File on Android

Here are the steps to copy, paste and move files on Android. For example, I will move some photos taken using my Android phone camera into the “Foto Ku” Folder that I previously made. I will use Dual File Manager XT to do the job.

  • Step I: Open the folder where the photos are stored. The photos are usually stored on mnt/sdcard/DCIM/camera. Here is how to do it:
    • Open the Dual File Manager XT application > Your starting position will be at mnt/sdcard
    • Scroll down the screen > find and click the DCIM folder (after the you click it, the position indicator will turn into mnt/sdcard/DCIM)
    • Click the Camera folder (the position indicator will becomes mnt/sdcard/DCIM/Camera).
  • Step II: Give a check mark on a file or several files that you want to copy or moved. Press the MENU button > Click Edit > Click Move If you want to move the file or click the Copy if you want to copy files. Look at below picture:
how to copy paste move file in android phone

Figure 4. Give a check mark to copy or move files

  • Step II (alternate): If you want to copy or move a single files only, you can click and hold on the desired file > it will show you a pop up menu > click Copy / Move.
  • Step III: Open the Foto Ku folder or any other folder where you want to save the file. (To return to the previous folder, press the BACK button)
  • Step IV: After you inside the desired folder (Foto Ku) > press the MENU button > Click Edit > Click Paste

After the process is complete, the photos that I already move from Camera folder will appear in the “Foto Ku” folder every time I open the Galley application.

Note: Dual File Manager XT advantage is this app can open two different directories (folders) simultaneously. For example when you open the mnt/sdcard/DCIM/Camera folder, to return to the mnt/sdcard folder, you do not need to press the BACK button twice, but you can click the TAB at the right of the screen.

4. How to Delete Files on Android Phone or Tablet and How to Rename the Files

To delete or rename file on Android phone / tablet, you can use the file manager application. What you have to do is open the file manager > click and hold on the file you want to delete or rename > Click “rename” to change its name and click “delete” to erase it.

If you use Dual File Manager XT, you can delete multiple Android files at once. Here’s how to do it: Open the app > give a check mark on the files you want to delete > press the MENU button > Click Edit > Click Delete

5. How to install Android Driver

  1. Many Android phone or tablet included Driver CD on the sales package. To install Android driver, please insert the CD into the computer > wait for a moment while computer reads the CD > if autorun function is active, it will show a pop op menu > click install.exe or start.exe
  2. If there is no pop up menu after you insert the CD, then you should open “My Computer” > Click on the CD Drive > Click install.exe / start.exe / autorun.


  • If there is no Driver CD in the sales package, try to plug the Android phone / tablet to the computer via USB cable data. In some types of Android devices, the driver is stored in the phone or tablets itself. So when you connect your Android phone into the computer, it will give you an option to install Android drivers.
  • If you don’t have a CD and when you try to connect to the computers there is nothing happen, then you have to download the driver from the internet or from the phone manufacturer’s site. You can download Android usb drivers from this site:

6. How to Copy File from Android Phone to PC and Vice Versa

Using USB Cable Data:

  1. After you install the Android phone driver, connect your phone or tablet using USB data cable
  2. Wait until the computer detects your Android phone
  3. After the SD card can be read on the computer, you can transfer file from pc to android or vice versa. To do that, you just have to open “My Computer”, open the SD card driver, and then copy paste or move and paste file as usual.
  4. If the computer is able to detect your phone, but you can not access the SD card file, try to open the notification panel on your Android phone or tablet > click on “USB Connected” / “USB Connection” > click “Turn on USB Storage” / ”USB Mass Storage “.

ATTENTION!: to prevent damage on the SD card and to prevent file corruption, always Safely Remove the Android device and Turn Off USB Storage before you unplug the USB Cable Data from the computer.

How to safely remove Android device that connected to computer:

  1. Look to the toolbar at the bottom right of computer screen
  2. Click on the USB Icon with a green check mark (look Figure 5)
  3. It will show some options > click on the Android drive letter (E: / F: / G: ..etc)
  4. Wait until it shows “Safe to Remove Hardware” notification (See below picture)
how to remove android phone from computer

Figure 5. Safely Remove Hardware

How to Turn Off USB Storage:

  1. Open the notification panel bar by sliding your finger from top to the bottom of your Android screen
  2. Click Turn OFF USB Storage (see Figure 6 below)
how to transfer file from android to computer pc

Figure 6. Turn Off USB Storage

How to Transfer Files from Android Phone to Computer using a Card Reader

If you don’t have the USB Cable Data or it is hard for you to find and buy a cable data that fit with your Android phone or tablet, then you can always use SD Card Reader to transfer file from Android to PC. (Note: this method is only work if your Android device is using SD card as expandable storage)

What is SD Card Reader? An SD card reader is a device to read the content of SD Card. Even though is called “reader” but this device also able to write data on the SD Card. To use the reader, you just have to put the SD card inside the reader. You can buy this device on the computer shop near you. The price is around 5 USD or less. Here’s an example of SD Card Reader:

how to transfer music from computer to android phonr

Figure 7. SD Card Reader

SD card reader that sold nowadays usually can read various sizes and types of SD Cards. The SD card that used in Android cell phones and tablets nowadays is mostly a Micro SD type.

How to Copy or Move files from Android SD card to a computer or vice versa:

  1. Remove the SD card from your Android phone or tablet. Here’s how: Go to Settings > click the “SD Card & Phone Storage” > Click Unmounting SD Card / Remove the SD card > click OK> Wait until it shows “Safe to Remove the SD Card” at the notification panel > Remove SD card. Note: You can also remove the SD card by turning off your first Android device.
  2. Plug the SD Card into the Card Reader > Pay attention on the position of the SD Card mounting.
  3. Plug the SD card reader on the computer > Wait until the computer detects the SD card
  4. Open “My Computer” > Open the SD Card drive > do Copy Paste or move as usual
  5. After you done transferring file between computer and your Android SD card, unplug the reader. Remember to always Safely Remove Hardware first (See Figure 5).

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